Looking for a reason to go rugged?

If you’re renting or buying, rugged tablets are worth a trial.  The tablet has become an essential part of time sensitive people working out in the field; mobile workforce, consultants, engineers, field geologists all with a sense of urgency for rapid data entry and reporting where reliability and functionality are essential.  If you don’t have time for tablet repairs and reliability is a key criteria on your list then stick to the brands we all know and love.

The benefit of digital data capture on a rugged tablet is in the ease of collection, reporting and dealing with large quantities of data where using a pencil and paper is no longer effective. For work that requires managing big file sizes to daily data capture using software such as OCRIS Mobile and a rugged tablet will differentiate yourself when it comes to speed and accuracy.  The combination of good software, a rugged tablet and a streamlined solution can speed up your workflow and reporting processes by 50% or more.

For site managers having a trusty rugged tablet at your side means you’ll have your design plans, schedule of works and contracts on site at all times enabling you to make informed decisions throughout the project allowing you to create efficiencies whilst keeping errors to a minimum.

If you endure the harsh Australian elements to make a crust then consider the rugged tablet to be an essential part of your kit.